Friday, January 31, 2014

Chocolate Chip Coconut No-Bake Refrigerator Cookies

Chocolate Chip Coconut No-Bake Refrigerator Cookies

These are my go-to treat for my littles! They're so easy, I usually always have the ingredients on hand, and they LOVE them!

They requested a treat for this weekend, and since they had regular ol' glutenous pie last weekend-- sorry, but I just couldn't resist the urge to bake one when we had a guest. Shame on me! Wink, wink.-- I decided to go a healthier route this weekend.

Why are these great?

1. Two words: No. Bake.
2. No refined sugar, dairy or grains.
3. They're really yummy.

Ok, need I say more? Oh, yes...I need to say the recipe! Here ya go!

Chocolate Chip Coconut No-Bake Refrigerator Cookies


1/4c nut butter
1c coconut oil
1.5 c coconut flour
1 c unsweetened shredded coconut
1/2 c pure maple syrup
1/2 bag enjoy life chocolate chips


Melt down coconut oil & nut butter. Add maple syrup & mix all three together well. In large bowl mix dry ingredients. Add oil mixture to dry ingredients & mix well. You should have a cookie dough consistency. Grease a small cookie sheet (with sides) or casserole dish with more coconut oil, or line it with wax paper. Pour mixture into pan & press down until it reaches all sides. Put in the refrigerator (away from the light) to harden. Once hardened you an cut into bars, or use a round cookie cutter like it did (just save the extra bits & pieces and sprinkle them on some coconut milk ice cream, if you dare). If you wish to let it soften a bit before cutting, let it sit on the counter for a couple minutes. Store cookies in the refrigerator away from light-- those fridge lights put off a lot of heat, even when not on. I learned that the hard way with a melted glob of refrigerator chocolate!

Serve with some almond milk or coconut milk ice cream & ENJOY!


  1. Wow, looks SO good!

  2. Wowee!! Seriously how do I make these without eating them ALL in ONE sitting?

    1. Thanks! Lol! It's hard, I have to admit! They taste like cookie dough! :)

  3. Do you know if there are any good substitutions for the nut butter component if there are tree nut allergies in the family? Seems a lot of Paleo recipes have tree nut ingredients that I'm always having to substitute!

    1. I don't know of any for this recipe. I've never had to work around a tree nut allergy before. I'm sorry!!

    2. It's ok :( Thanks for the quick reply! I just HAD to marry someone with a tree nut allergy, right? ;)

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